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It isn't everyday that a person has the unique opportunity to work directly with a team of leaders who have individually each earned over 7-figures in their network marketing careers. Tim, Steve and I provide powerful combined leadership, training and support for our team. This alone can be the catalyst for you to quickly realize your highest goals with an Ariix business.

In this overview, you will learn more about the unique, lucrative opportunity standing before you. It's your turn to capitalize on an in-demand product line, a compensation plan paying more than any other company, and unmatched international growth with new offices recently opened in South Korea, Denmark and China.

The foundation of our growth is training our new reps responsibly, giving you and your team the tools and resources to become profitable quickly. Our highest intention is to support you in reaching your goals and claiming your success. Tim has formulated our Business Orientation System utilizing the same training and methods hundreds of thousands of networkers have relied on him for.

To request a personal overview, please call Shannon at 1(800) 741-2928 or Skype: shannonlavenia.

Ariix: THE Opportunity Company

The Only Direct Selling Company That Puts You First

The Origins and Mission of Ariix

A Duplicable Message Driving Momentum

Ariix's Compensation Plan Ranked #1 Worldwide

Rewarding you to the fullest, the patent-pending ARIIX ACTIV8 Compensation Plan is literally the highest paying compensation plan in the industry. You have the opportunity to be paid on infinite width and infinite depth.

Even more impressive, you never have to worry about that income being reduced, hindered or stopped. The Ariix Bill of Rights protects your business and income for the longevity of your business. You can build a thriving enterprise with confidence and leave a legacy for the generations that follow.

What Partnership with Ariix and Our Team Can Do For You

A Personal Message From Tim Sales

What You Can Expect As A Valued Team Member

The Tools, Support, Training, and Company You Can Win With.

  • Proven Leadership

    We have decades of verified, high-producing success. You’ll learn how to duplicate our results and achieve the success you want quickly.

  • Build Your Organization Faster

    Partnering with leaders has benefits. That includes help building your organization for faster growth and profits.

  • Capitalize on Momentum

    Ariix set a new world record for fastest growth of a direct selling company. You’re joining a fast moving team with hot momentum.

  • Training That Works

    Our training system was developed by legendary trainer Tim Sales. It is designed to help every team member develop the skills of a master marketer.

  • Infinite Growth Potential

    Our patent-pending compensation plan gives you infinite growth potential. It was recently voted the #1 compensation plan worldwide. With the highest pay-out in the industry, there are no limits on how much you can earn.

  • Products People Love to Buy

    Our expanding product line includes products that provide real benefits. The Ariix Guarantee means our products are pure, effective and potent. Our customers love to buy month after month after month, helping you grow your commission check and residual income.

  • You're Valued

    As a member of our team, you’ll have all the support you need. Just pick up the phone and we’re here to help. Ariix’s friendly customer service reps are also standing buy to help you and your customers.

  • Simple Step-by-Step System

    We’ve got it all: an online presentation, ready-made websites, auto-responder emails, flyers, marketing tools…it’s all here. It’s a simple step-by-step process that gives real results.

  • Weekly Training & Updates

    Join us each week for the President’s Call, the Healthy Body Call and invite your guests to one of our many webinar trainings, all here to help you build your business faster and grow your check.